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3 Reasons to Have an Online Auction

Three reasons that YOU should use the online auction method of selling for your assets!

1. They are EASY!

Have a bunch of stuff you want to get rid of, but have no time to deal with it? No patience for bargaining¬†with people from craigslist, and no desire to just throw it away or give it away for free? An online auction is such an EASY solution it’s almost a no-brainer. You leave everything in place, we do all the work, everything goes away and you get paid. Easy as that!

easy button

2. They are PROVEN!

Rasmus has almost 75,000 registered bidders and partners across the mid-atlantic region. Online auctions are a proven way to turn your assets back into cash quickly. Rasmus Auctions will provide you with the exemplary service that you expect from an auction company that has been around for over 30 years, and the prices for your items that reflect competitive bidding from interested buyers. Our success shows in that we conduct over 650 auctions a year of assets ranging from restaurant equipment to high end office furniture, estates, fitness centers, vehicles and so much more.


3. They are FUN (and profitable)!

If you have ever watched the clock of an online auction closing down you know how fun and sometimes crazy it can be to watch items as they sell for their final price. Just sit back at home and have FUN watching while the online auction closes! Oh, and it is even more fun when you get the check in the mail for your stuff!

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