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5 Ways to Get the Best Deals on Antiques at Online Auctions

Welcome to our first guest blogger Matt James, the founder of the up and coming online auction site based in the UK, PoundSeller!

Here is his article on 5 ways to get the best deals on antiques at online auctions, which should be very helpful since rasmus online auctions currently has seven different auctions online now that include antiques!

Let’s be honest—Over the last several years, steals on antiques have not been as abundant as in the old days, but if you stick with it, you’ll be sure to reap some rewards for your efforts. Here are five tips that will give you an edge at even the most competitive online antique auctions.

1. Seek antiques often and with a vengeance at online auctions.

Antique 5 Drawer Inlaid Desk

Antique 5 Drawer Inlaid Desk

If you really want to nab the best deals, you must be willing to pound the pavement (or the keyboard). Research the best auctions, and get to know when they offer the premium antiques.

2. Be there when an online antique auction begins and ends.

Many people wait until a sale is ready to close up before being present simply to pick up the pieces without having to invest the time and energy. The internet makes auctions more convenient, because you can bid from the comfort of your own home. So make sure you know when an auction begins, and try to stick it out until the end.

3. Know the value of the antiques and if there is a market for them.

Some antiques bring a much higher price online than if you sell them at a live auction. This is because, once again, online auctions can attract a much larger crowd because they’re so convenient.SITTING ROOM GILDED FABRIC SOFA AND TWO CHAIRS

If you plan on reselling the antiques, know how much they’re worth, where you can sell them and if there’s an audience willing to make the purchase. Fortunately, you already know how to use the Internet, and that’s the best place to start your research. You also can call consignment shops or even flea-market vendors and ask for their opinion – the more information you have to hand, the better.


4. Trust your instincts.

Antique Chair with Gilded Fabric

If you are initially attracted to a piece, don’t leave it out of your shopping cart for someone else to snatch up. If you make the decision not to purchase the item, you always can delete it at the checkout stage.

You don’t need to be familiar with every single type of antique to understand if one particular item is worth the investment. The more you immerse yourself in antiques, the more you’ll discover what sets them apart and what renders them truly worthless. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the materials of high quality?
  • Is that design unique?
  • Does something draw your eye?
  • Does the design indicate genuine historical significance?

Sure, knowledge is power, but intuition helps as well. Sometimes it’s best to go with your first impression.

5. Watch out for duds

If something is priced very cheap and the price seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t worth the investment. Many antiques have been the muse for all kinds of reproductions that are modelled exactly on the parameters of the original, but the key is, they’re not the original!

You should also pay attention to how other buyers are bidding, but don’t let their actions dissuade yours. It’s definitely a competitive arena and you’re all trying to achieve the same thing, but bear in mind that they may not have that attention to detail that has served you so well in the past. Trust yourself!

In conclusion, be wary of imitators, stick to your guns (and your budget), but above all, enjoy yourself online. After all, that’s what online antique auctions are all about!


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