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5 Tips for Bidding with Rasmus

1. Make sure you (or someone you like/trust) can remove your items.
As soon as a “Terms and Conditions” box stands in our way of signing up for something we want, most of us scroll to the bottom and click the “I agree” button without a second thought. While our terms are quite lengthy, there is one part that you should always consider before going for the “I agree” button. The date and time of the removal. Always make sure that if you are not available on the date of the removal you can find someone that is to pick up the items that you have won. Or, you could even use our new VIP moving service (just email for information) and get your items delivered right to your door.

2. Set it and forget it.
If you want something and you know how much you are willing to pay for it, use the maxbid feature. It’s as easy as entering in the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for an item and letting the auction run its course. Our system will bid on your behalf at the specified increments up to your maximum. If the opposing bidders do not reach your maximum then you win the item and happily open your emailed invoice at the close of the auction! Simple as that.

And if you choose not to use our maxbid feature, which is cool too, try not to wait until the last minute to bid. That way you know that your registration has gone through and all you have to do is watch the item you are already in the running for during the final countdown instead of scrambling to place your first bid.

3. The Early Bird Gets Out of There Fastest!
Come early! If you are coming to a removal and you know that you either have to disassemble something or you might get stuck in traffic or you even just have like 200 chairs to move…come early. As early as possible. We will thank you, and you will thank yourself because the early bird usually gets in and out of the removal and goes on their merry way with all of their items in the quickest manner.

4. No, you can’t move a 500 lb. refrigerator by yourself. Or take apart a maple L-shaped desk with your bare hands.
Bring help! Whether its one of your coworkers, your spouse, a moving company or someone who owes you a favor, bring an extra set of hands if you have a large item. Heck, bring a posse if you have a bunch of large items. And a four-wheel dolly. Trust us, it is better for everyone.

Also, bring tools, especially if the description of your item says, “disassembly required” because as helpful as our on-site crew is, they don’t have tools and they don’t know how to de-install your sink. Unfortunately most wrap-around desks and conference tables do not exactly fit through doorways either. So bring anything you think you might need to get your items out as efficiently as possible to save yourself time and possible frustration!

5. This may seem obvious but…
Make sure that your credit card has enough on it to cover your purchases. We like for the process to go as smoothly as possible for our buyers, so the credit card that you have on file is automatically charged at the close of the auction for the total amount of your purchases. Sometimes credit card companies put a hold on your account when they see a large internet purchase, so just give them a heads up if you know that you want to spend a pretty good amount of money at one of our auctions, especially if you are a first time buyer. And that $100 you see from us before the auction? Don’t worry, we didn’t take it out of your account…we just checked to make sure that it is there.

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